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Social media marketing is all about gaining attention, views and web traffic (the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website). It can be defined as the process of transferring an idea to a maximum number of interested and non-interested individuals that can either become your end-users or further spread your idea to other interested consumers.


Social Media platforms act as an already existing market full of consumers and buyers that can be easily targeted for any type of service or product. It acts as a virtual community and network that is used by almost 40% of the world population. What’s interesting here is that this figure doesn’t seem much to target to, as compared to targeting traditionally that includes direct interaction with the relevant customers to whom the message can be conveyed loud and clear with one to one conversations, but what you didn’t know is that through social media you can reach your audience, a staggering 2.82 billion of estimated social media users, regardless any geographical or climate conditions. This also means targeting an audience you didn’t even know existed!

People on social media are always looking for recommendations and services that could benefit them. By marketing through social media the interested audience can easily become your customers. Targeted marketing can also be done by the use of strategies and digital marketing intelligence by pinpointing the targeted customers and exposing them to ideas they were probably already looking for. This process is achieved by direct or indirect interaction with the customers by building brand awareness and trust, with the help of search engine rankings and high web trafficking. With the help of this process social media agencies are able to build conversions; “converting” a person browsing your website into a purchaser of your product or service.


Web trafficking is a major role player in attracting new and old customers. The more the traffic through your channels and web, the more aware of your brand. Each posted content is another opportunity to bring new visitors. Engaging content, with irresistible headlines and up to date trending information allows more people to visit your site and keep it trending and popular. This creates the idea of an approved and trustable site with a lot of users. It creates new leads that you can direct to your site and hence creating new opportunities and eventually new costumers. Advertising, promoting your content through different platforms, making engaging content by mixing it up with infographics and videos, targeting keywords that generate traffic, linking your site with other platforms and contents, emphasizing on brand image by making it trustable and living up to customer expectations, gaining trust and interacting with them are all marketing goals that every marketing agency hopes to achieve.


Different platforms are used for targeting a specific audience. Every media platform is unique and different than the other, and hence can be used to market services and products by strategically targeting them according to the way they are used.

Facebook’s casual and friendly environment makes your marketing strategy to be active and interactive. Facebook allows you to create a personal ID, a page or a group. By creating different types of webpages on this site you can interact and communicate differently with your audience and customers. Attention to layout is important, as the visual component is a key aspect of the Facebook experience.


Businesses on YouTube try to create video content that would hopefully go viral, but those hopes are actually difficult to achieve as they depend on your audience’s liking and interest.  By creating useful, instructive and trendy videos, and other useful videos that your audience will keep engaged in will allow it to go viral and popular, gaining more views and subscribers.  Your rankings on the video search results of Google will also increase and therefore our message and brand, so don’t under-estimate the power of video content!


With more than 500 million users, it’s a social network that provides a great marketing platform to reach potential customers from every corner of the world. Instagram provides free tools to convert personal profiles to business profiles, Cross promote Instagram posts, interact with followers and even create an interactive hashtag according to trends and business ideas that allow a greater fan following and web trafficking by linking sites to your profile.


Twitter is a social media marketing tool that lets you broadcast your updates across the web. By following other people who tweet in your related fields, you can gain followers in return. As a marketer, you can mix up your tweets with discounts and news about your brand. Interaction and Communication are the vital elements for this social media tool for achieving your marketing goals.


LinkedIn is an incredible stage for going into an expert exchange with individuals in similar industries. It provides a platform to impart content with similar people. By influencing clients or customers to give your business a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile causes your business to show up increasingly trustworthy and dependable for new clients as it makes your profile more credible.


These are cost-effective marketing strategies that allow people to go through business ideas and services by reading about them on different web pages and articles. Advertisements are seen as direct marketing whereas blogging is an indirect approach to marketing. Advertisements pop-up on most of the sites you browse and will utilize all the space in the pop up they get to communicate the idea/ product or business in the most efficient way.

Blogging, on the other hand, is basically a weblog that is an online journal or website forum where writers will let out their ideas on literally everything- ranging from how to live life to the new products and trends in the present world. Since they are a forum with web traffic, they are also used to market products with an indirect approach such as, including the name of a product in an article that also indirectly showcases it and generates an idea for the need of that product in the reader’s mind. By the use of precise and particular keywords present in blogs, search engines are also optimized in regard to that product and search engine rankings increase, so that the particular item or service is displayed in the top-ranked list of similar products/services.


Businesses need to do their marketing. They can either do it by having their own in house team in their company and making a department solely for marketing purposes. Or they can do it by hiring a marketing agency who can do it for them. So why do businesses need another agency to do their work when they can do it themselves?

Well, to answer this we need to compare both to see which one suits the business more. A cost-benefit analysis according to the needs and resources required varies for every business and so it really depends. We have done a comparison for your ease and you can decide for yourself where your business better fits in.

First of all, an already established marketing agency means an already built team of professionals that have a lot of experience from working on previous projects and marketing for other businesses beforehand. They have team chemistry and successful marketing experiences that has allowed them to establish a stronghold on virtual platforms and dig in deep among the roots of the digital world that will help make your business grow. Compared to In House marketing departments that cover the basics of outdoor marketing, a social media marketing agency will target the digital world more profoundly. As a present-day individual, our markets to consider for marketing purposes should be more inclined towards digital and social media marketing since all our customers are present there. It doesn’t cost so much and it can be strategically targeted for efficient returns through professional help as well. For an in house marketing department, it’s not as easy to penetrate the digital world and will probably exhaust the company’s resources in doing so, whereas an agency’s sole purpose is to make your business grow through social media and the internet, hence it will put in effort “the professional” way compared to In house marketing departments. Marketing agencies have the newest technologies and their “ways around” any problem that are always changing according to internet trends. Marketing agencies offer the best and guaranteed results because if you can’t do it, the agency will surely make it happen for you. They have dedicated teams and more focused strategies with the sole purpose of focusing on your business marketing goals. They have a lot of experience that has allowed them to be creative and work around the problems more efficiently. It makes them have a more reliable thought process and freedom to work around hundreds of issues that keep popping up in the virtual platforms day today. Since it is their task, they will always make it happen for you to achieve your goals. Having your own in-house department for digital marketing surely seems an attractive and the gem of a plan idea but it also comes along with a lot of costs that range from hiring, setting up equipment, more workspace, more employees to cater and pay, more time to invest in and more company resources to exhaust. Surely, an agency working for you will save you the cost of marketing. An outside team brings in an outside perspective of the world, and professional outside help will explore all the different possibilities for you, from your own perspective to the customer’s perspective; it will open up opportunities to ‘think outside the box’.



  • Brand Design & Strategy
    Marketing agencies typically design and renovate the operational areas of the brand, like logos and visual aids. At AT&R, you get to develop your brand identity. Apart from Branding, Graphics and UI designing, Mobile applications for your brand are also developed.
  • Social Media Marketing
    An effective social media marketing strategy can help grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience so there are no gaps between your brand and your customers. Brand Monitoring, Social Media Contests such as determining the best platform to showcase and market your brand, Social Media Marketing, Setup & Custom Profile Design are all services that AT&R offers.
  • SEO
    SEO Services: At AT&R, SEO experts spend time meticulously analyzing a wide variety of keywords to suit your SEO objectives. AT&R will help you to meet your Google 1st Page Rank dreams. AT&R also provides ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE Optimization and Monthly SEO Analysis Reports.
  • Pay per Click Marketing
    Campaigns attract, engage and convert. AT&R offers expert Pay per Click services with measurable results. Services include Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, and Video Advertising.
  • Web/Mobile App Development
    AT&R’s technical expertise, when combined with the marketing approach, guarantees a user-centric experience for both web and mobile. AT&R provides E-commerce Solutions, Facebook Applications, content management systems such as CMS, WordPress, Drupal, Email Marketing Solutions, PHP and JS Development, Intranets & Extranet development, SharePoint integration, and knowledge management.
  • Email Marketing
    AT&R provides the best Email marketing strategies, Email Marketing Campaigns, Email Template Designs along with tracking & reporting of key aspects of your campaign.
  • Photography & Videography
    AT&R offers Workshops & Training for photography and videography. It also specializes in Food Photography and HD videography. In the marketing world, a picture is worth 1,000 words. AT&R’s photography & videography will capture the best of your business.
  • Audience Analytics
    Getting into the lives of your audience is a trick in getting to know your customers on a much better level. Audience analytics help companies to know what to serve up in the future, based on what consumers watch, read and engage with, when, and for how long.



Marketing agencies are priceless; their sole purpose is to make your business grow. AT&R promises a professional team who will accompany (no pun intended) with your business and work according to your goals and objectives. Our team, compromising of highly creative enthusiasts, are determined to increase your audience and sales. AT&R is known for its increasing audience efficiency work. Higher customer conversion rates and efficient targeted marketing is our department. So you can leave your hassle to us, it’s what we’re good at! AT&R works along the lines of increasing your sales, promotions and audience support. We are always welcoming in addressing your marketing problems and show no reluctance, especially to the startups, so yes, if you are a small business that has just started its journey and looking forward to establishing your brand identity, AT&R is the solution for you. For startups, we help establish your brand grow so most people can be aware of you. Join us to put your name deep into the roots of the digital world- something every business cannot conquer so easily.

AT&R is an approachable agency. Our team is ready to cater to your marketing needs and our employees are always helpful and accommodating. We live to our customer satisfaction and love displaying our hospitable image to our clients. AT&R’s team will guide you step by step for your best returns and investments in digital marketing. Join us to be part of the growing world and have an interactive session with our representatives to gain more insight into your internet standing and awareness. To talk more about our customer satisfaction records, we have a list of fruitful results that we are glad of, and would like to maintain our records for the next couple of digital generations at least. So when you join hands with our team you will be content with your decision; we specialize in our area of work and deliver high-quality work according to your needs.


AT&R is a full-service digital agency and it provides a lot of services and options that could benefit businesses for their marketing needs in a lot of ways. It is a top-rated agency that has worked with a lot of well-known clients and receives a lot more of work throughout the year. Despite the heavy workload AT&R focuses on every detail and strategy for every type of business. Different businesses require different strategies and each one is precisely analyzed and checked for its feasibility, efficiency, and quality. Our clients have successfully gained headlines and witnessed an increase in fan following. Here are some notable works for our notable clients among dozens of others.

Dolmen Malls: Digital Marketing Campaign

We’re proud to be the digital partners for Dolmen Mall. We are the first agency in Pakistan to track offline conversions in terms of footfall for customers coming in all the 3 Mall outlets in Karachi. We have executed many unique campaigns digitally which include Facebook Live Scavenger Hunt, Facebook Live Polling and going live in mall events.



AT&R is well known for its user-friendly design and outlook website designing that is in correspondence with the speed requirements. AT&R was tasked with Rebranding, Logo Design, Experience Design and Station Design for Hi-Tech Lubricants Ltd which is the parent company of ZIC Motor Oil. As HTLL wanted to create a modern experience for its customers it was our task to design all collateral in a way to resonate with their audience. This helped the Brand establish their footings and compete for head to head with giants of the industry.


Faster Pakistan: Audience Analytics | E-Commerce Channel Optimization

We have been looking over the E-commerce channel optimization for Faster Pakistan since it’s inception. With all the latest tracking tools implemented, we had rich user insight over the years. Through advanced data warehousing and business intelligence we were able to predict the next highest-selling time, day, time of the month to optimize media buying accordingly.


myvend by IBL Group: Corporate Face | Digital Presence | PPC

Myvend is a venture owned by the IBL Group. They were one of the pioneers of vending machines in Pakistan. They were doing B2B sales through a sales team but lacked a digital presence. They were severely hit by competitors ranking well and closing all leads on digital. AT&R was tasked to create a corporate website to extract more leads as well as to run a Pay Per Click Campaign to secure leads going into the hands of the competitors. Search Engine Optimization

We identified high search traffic for specific doctors, their location, timings & contact. Upon research, we got to know that people that were recommended doctors through word of mouth sought to google to find relevant details about the doctor. We designed a Search-based Campaign organically ranking top Doctors on first position leading to This was a pull-based strategy. Corporate Face Development

Molecule is a workplace solution specializing in multi-story projects with customized Office Furniture. Their clientele lies mostly in the corporate sector which was not reflecting from their online presence mainly their website. We suggested a complete makeover for their online presence and developed a website to attract the corporate target audience



Enough chit chat, let’s talk a bit personal now. Aren’t you really doing all this for more money and increased brand growth? Well, every entrepreneur thinks and wants the same. So more than your business outlook, it’s more important for you to be making revenues and returns. That’s what’s more important for you and your business at the end of the day. So make the more promising investments for better returns and capture the market with better strategies. AT&R emphasizes on both these terms and is more than welcome to guide you as an expert, who would understand and resonate with your business to overcome your growth challenges. AT&R caters to your needs, goals, and objectives to make you grow, because more growth is more money!


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Social media marketing is all about gaining attention, views and web traffic (the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website).
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